BC Marble Products Ltd.

BC Marble Products specializes in manufacturing products from a marble quarry located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Effingham Inlet area.

Westcoast marble is unique and desirable and unlike any other.

Our stone is well-formed, very strong and workable with a very rich attractive appearance. Its uniqueness has a global appeal due to its more dramatic and unstructured veining than your typical marble. The appearance of marble such as ours creates a memorable impression of elegance that architects and interior decorators seek. Lifestyle choices, fashion trends and the growing cultural trend of “sustainability” and “bringing nature inside” have caught on globally.

Our CNC profiling saw is one of the largest in North America and gives us the capability to manufacture practically any shape or design including "curved" stock, from pillars to curved slabs to innovative architectural products for both interior and exterior uses. We also produce quality slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops, islands as well as tile stock and wall cladding. Other products such as decorative natural stone, dramatic landscaping rock, benches, tables, stairs and carving stone just to name a few are showcased at our facility. Most of our products come in square edge or stunning live edge.

Having access to our own supply of beautiful, natural marble and advanced processing equipment, we can virtually custom cut any product of any design or dimension. The kitchen and bathroom are areas in the home that receive the most attention and it is where the use of our natural stone marble can make all the difference. It is the micro-crystal grain of our product that gives our marble its lustrous radiance.

"If you can dream it, we can make it."